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I was listening to "right-wing" radio on the way to and from Albuquerque, as it makes the drive through the orange void slightly more interesting. I don't remember which show it was, but someone was complaining that the "liberals are cheating" because some counties have more registered voters than the local adult population.

I happen to live in such a county; if you've not looked up the server's DNS information, it's in Ouray County, Colorado. We have a lot of rich folk around here who own land but don't live here year-round. A lot of them get local license plates and voter registration, even though they're really in the area for a few weeks or months out of the year, mostly for vacation. The rest of the time, their houses are either vacant or rented out. Our population is, from what we can tell, mostly Democrat-leaning; when you count in all the people who vote here even though they don't exactly live here, suddenly our total vote swings Republican. I guess it has something to do with rich people feeling they're protecting their investment; nevertheless, we have a higher voter population than we do resident adult population. Residency, however, is ill-defined in most states; some go so far as to say it's purely about your intent (or your karma, or whatever vague word you'd like to use.) If you're careful, existing voting laws will likely allow you to vote in multiple places at once. It's not cheating, it's just using the system.

It's just like electoral votes: mostly-empty but mostly-Republican-leaning states get a boost from the electoral college (enough to make the Republicans win elections) because of the representatives + senators math: people who live in such states (think flat, northern, mid-western states) have votes that count for more than their counterparts elsewhere. One man, one vote, you thought? The system's already unfair. Move along.

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