Article > God kills terrorists with an earthquake!
Description :: Some people just don't know when to stop talking ...
I was again flipping channels on the radio while driving across the middle of nowhere when I heard someone call into the radio station to declare: "I'm sorry and all for those people who died in that earthquake, but just think of all the terrorists that died! I mean, ten percent of them had to be terrorists." The reply from the host went something like "Well, ten percent might be a bit much, more like two percent." He continued to justify the lack of true sympathy since, after all, Iran would never have sent aid had such a disaster happend in our home country. (Aside from the fact that we wouldn't need, want, or accept such aid even if offered.) Another channel went on about how God was punishing the wicked by sending an earthquake, well-deserved. (Similar comments, I remember, were made about earthquakes in California that hit, so it was said, evil-doing pornography studios.)

Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, ... nothing but terrorists, eh? Two, ten percent of the population being evil murderers? How many terrorists does it take to dirty the name of an entire nation -- hundreds, dozens, or just one?

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