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Should christians be surprised when non-christians do not act christian?

How much emotional and physical hurt has been done or is being done in the name of “Christianity”?

When the Roman Empire became “christianized” how many non-believers were dunked or sprinkled in the name of Christ - only to become “nominal-christians” – christian in name only – wet non-believers.

The Christian life is only possible through the indwelling Holy Spirit. It is a life lived from the inside out. Why are we upset at unbelievers when they do not act according to the teachings of the Bible?

Most people agree with natural law. Why not appeal to these instead of saying “you have to do this because the Bible says so” when they have not accepted the Bible as authoritative.

Why can we not just befriend them and show them authentic everyday Christ following. And share with them what makes us “tick”- the Holy Spirit. Let us then show how to grow through the teachings that we treasure: the scriptures found in the Bible – the how to’s of this new life and the stories of those before us.

No one can be forced into True Christianity. They have to choose to be reborn of the Spirit. That is the way God set it up.

Christ invites people to a relationship. How dare we shout at them? Christ was a revolutionary in his day. The Church grew strong in persecution. When the Roman Empire became “christianized” the church was weakened.

Why in the U.S. do some Christians want to mix politics with religion? What we need is to live our lives as lights in this dark world. What we need is to spread the good news of what Christ did for us, so others can make a choice to follow or not. What we need is to let people hear God’s invitation. What we certainly do not need is to drown out the sound of His “still small voice” with angry shouts of rejection and condemnation.

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