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Description :: A 3-hour BBC documentary of the Neoconservative and Islamic movements
I'm not sure how to recommend this. It's not without flaws. Its music and style seem almost inspired by The Pentagon Wars (out on DVD now -- perfect for geeks), and I'm not sure the humor really helps.

I'm sure plenty of people who think of themselves as conservatives or neoconservatives will be offended by this British film linking their movement to the Islamic movement we've been taught to hate, but if you take it with a grain of salt, and understand why they're making the link, I think it's worth something. They're not saying that neoconservatives are nazis and babykillers, they're only saying that they're motivated by a sense of the depravity, of soullessness, of our (post-)modern western culture, and a need to unite people in a cause, possibly with religion as a guiding force, etc. It's a very precise argument being made, and much to your likely chagrin, they don't demonize anyone -- even people we've grown accustomed to demonizing like bin Laden. (This is not to say that bin Laden is just a jolly old fellow. I shouldn't even have to make that clear.)

There are, however, some really great quotes in this, and you'll have to find them for yourselves. But some really great stuff, as you would expect (got to keep the viewer's interest somehow, right?)

Take it with a grain of salt, but try to get as much out of it as you can. There's plenty there. Maybe someday someone will build on this, and make a less funny, more informative, less repetitive film ... in the mean time, we have this.

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