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I just realized something while reading Orson Scott Card's excellent weekly column "World Watch." Don't be lazy, use Google or something. :)

He points out that terrorists in Iraq have been "reduced to murdering Iraqi soldiers." Over here!

He then puts it quite nicely when he says "Dead Iraqi soldiers. That's going to play so well in the streets of Iraq."

Now this is not the first time this occurred to me. But its the first time this idea happened to mix with a liberal idea that has been shouted at me. The result was a rather funny.

You see, two things are common knowledge. I saw them on the news. 1) The war in Iraq has increased the number of people "signing up" to be terrorists. 2) The chaos in Iraq has increased the numbers of people willing to help maintain law and order in Iraq.

Think about it for a while. You're almost there.

If we're to accept the liberal argument that the war in Iraq is bad because it creates more terrorists, we must accept also the fact that the increased terror will result in an Iraq that is very pissed off at the whole terrorism thing and putting forth effort (and don't you dare say that the Iraqi men who are dying in Iraq aren't trying) to stop it.

Things look rather rosy in that light considering where all these terrorists are going.


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