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Something crossed my mind that worried me. I figured I'd post it here for others to consider.

It seems to me that travesties occur all the time in trials involving celebrities. High powered lawyers are hired. A case which was black and white is made to look grey. The jury is deceived. I believe this is natural; proving things is very, very hard despite the technological advances that we have allowed the law to wield. Shooting down an argument with logic is far easier. Somehow during the trial, the defense lawyers (which are very very well paid) look like righteous, compassionate defenders, while the trial lawyers are painted to look like sharks after blood.

But that isn't what worries me. The trouble is that lesser defense lawyers can and will learn tricks from these high profile cases with high powered lawyers. While the Law gains advantages in technology, the defense attorneys can learn tricks from one another. Is it possible that one travesty could create 1000 more? Would we even know if it was happening?


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