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Hey you can't read this! It contains super secret moderately right wing rhetoric! Close this box right now, it's secret!

Watergate. Whitewater. Memogate. Boobygate. I love conspiracies and scandals!

The leak of democratic strategical memos is a big deal. If you read between the lines, a lot of information can be gathered about our government.

Accusations have been made on both sides. The documents were "stolen." This despite the fact that, from all appearances, the documents were put in what, in computer terms, was a public place with no security, and despite the fact that it appears the council that was appointed to investigate the issue appears to be saying that there was no virtual breaking and entering. Some have said that the democrats were warned that there was a security problem (a problem introduced on the democratic watch if that matters). Democrats have denied this. I have also seen some indications that some Republicans stored documents improperly as well resulting in they're being accessed by democrats in the same way. Around and around we go....again. A lot of "Nuh-uh" and "Yes-huh" on both sides of the aisle. Is it any wonder that we get sick of this negative stuff despite the fact that we really need to know it?

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (VRWC) was unavailable for comment.

I also think it should be noted that this was a bit like reading someone's diary: a diary which was left closed but unlocked on a public table. I'm not sure what the title of these documents was, "Super Secret Democratic Strategies" or what. But I can tell you how to secure the document. And I can't get a job. :) Reading someone's diary isn't a crime. Now....slander is. And we see that in politics all the fact, get ready to see a whole lot of it!!!!

The only good news is covered well by the Boston Globe at

"Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, made a preliminary inquiry and described himself as "mortified that this improper, unethical and simply unacceptable breach of confidential files may have occurred on my watch."

Somebody's being naughty! Hah. The news is that someone was admitting something. Maybe Orrin Hatch will run for president or something. It appears that he was hasty. The files were confidential, yes. But...isn't storing truly "Confidential" files in a non-confidential place a crime? And we trust these people with government secrets? "Gee, I honestly don't know how the name of that CIA agent got out to the press........sorry."

So, some preliminary rebukes. There are obviously some republicans who read stuff they knew the author wouldn't want read. That goes against the golden rule which many conservatives claim to love. Then they released it to the press. That might be wronger. You read it and decide. :) There were obviously some democrats (and possibly republicans) that need to understand a little more about computers. These are, after all, the people that write our laws regarding computers. If history helps us at all, there are probably people on both sides of the aisle which need to care more about the truth than about spinning.

So in the interest of learning "the truth" ..what about the contents of these leaked memos? Well I could see why they were leaked. The contents are just scary. Freaky scary. Read them darnit!

Now, I searched high and low for these memos on google. Mostly what I got was the press saying essentially the same thing about the memos. I finally found them...guess where. On an openly GOP site. Those darn Right Wingers! Putting facts which support their claims on a website!!!! Those facts don't belong to them! Fortunately, I can link you straight to the documents so you won't have to read much propaganda at all. Now, I haven't searched openly left wing sites. That would be like searching a GOP website with the text "secrets you aren't telling us." I imagine that one of them, in the interest of full disclosure, might be willing to fully disclose. But...I really am not holding my breath. For now, I'm just glad that we can look at these things. You can find them here:

It contains (as could be expected) some opening remarks that seem pretty right wingish. This is actually more enlightening and not less. The document contains a Right Wing view of Left Wing thoughts. The actual memos contain a Left Wing view of a Right Wing president. This can help you read the lines between the lines.

To encourage you to read the memos, i'll give you a preview. They contain a strategical assertion that a vote on a certain judge should be delayed so that this judge could not participate on an important trial regarding racial quotas. They contain an assertion that Miguel Estrada is "dangerous" because he is latino. They contain a left wing strategy to delay certain nomination decisions until after the election. Much of the thought on whether or not to accept a judicial nominee has nothing to do with performance and has everything to do with whether the particular nominee has views the left agrees with. The memos should give you some insight into how the silent battle between the Right and Left over control of the Courts is being waged: Unfairly. It should inspire thought as to what the People should do to correct what is beginning to look like a breakdown in Checks and Balances.

So read the memos, or at least browse them. They contain some very sobering...downright black stuff. And watch the spin. If you want honesty, remember who was being upfront and honest and who was repeating things which have already been found to be false. Oh and watch the melodrama. You think that to see drama, lies and betrayal you would want to watch the soaps. Oh no. Politicians are better at it and they are better actors too. That's why they are politicians!!

Most importantly, watch how the press covers it. Do they talk only about the contents? Do they talk only about the fact that they were "stolen" and leaked? From where I'm sitting, most of the press talks (or talked...the press has as short an attention span as the American people do) about the right wing failings.

Lets see what you think. After all. stuff to your attention attention to it and make the best judgement you can given the details. It's the only ...just...and ....evenly distributed...thing to do.


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