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  I find it odd that I am even posting this, Unordained thinks I should and well...who knows, maybe he's right. What to post though? I'm not in much of a mood to rant about what I do or don't believe about God. (note the caps, that should tell you something... though don't extrapolate overmuch because you never know what I actually mean by "God" or "god" or "gawd" or "gaud" do you?)
  It's a funny thing that I rarely capitalize the word "god" even when referring to the god in which I believe. Most people do I guess, but it's just a word. It's not even a title, much less a name. A word referring to a type of being which I believe to be greater than humanity in some manner. Maybe my god is just human plus the ability to shoot lightning bolts out of his kneecaps. How bizarre would that be? Maybe my god is the being that elementally represents the scent of burning mayonaisse. Have you ever smelled burning mayonaisse? It... isn't at all pleasant. Maybe my god created the universe... only he did it accidentally... sneezed the wrong direction or something.
  Now that paragraph took an odd turn, now didn't it? Basically I guess if I have to have a point in this it's this: "You can't assume that someone believes in your God solely based on their capitalization." It seems terribly silly when you read it but a lot of people do base their assumptions on that. "Oh, he capitalized the word 'God', he must be a good Christian." Bah on you. Silly people, go back to your daily routine now and stop bothering me.

P.S. - Does anyone else find it strange that I can set the document date?
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