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I think this email passes the Turing test on accident:

Hi, how's doing? The answer is lying on the surface. You're dead on your feet, man, I can tell! But chill out, there's plenty of people just like you. Do you know that an immense grow of people suffering from a sexual disorder is observed, it's being counted by millions already. Questioned? It's a modern life style. You get-you pay. Everything is your concern. What did you think you'd gonna get?
Plus, environmental situation leaves much to be desired, food quality. What's the outcome? The only girl your dreaming of is your precious pillow. Your battery is simply dead . No wonder 100% you and your girlfriend are about to split now, your girlfriend is on her way to pack up her stuff and clean out. But you know what? I can come to an aid. You can manage that, feel newborn, feel you HAVE AN ITCH FOR THAT and YOU CAPABLE. And WE'LL BE OF USE. And I'll bet it works.
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