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Description :: At least, I hope it isn't.
Like everyone else who doesn't have a blog, I'm tired of the word. But for the sake of setting things straight, here's why we're not a blog.

- Blogs are almost always just one person. We have at least two main contributors, and way more users than that. We're a community.
- Blogs almost always use standard blogging software. We wrote our own.
- Blogs almost always allow guest comments. We don't care what you have to say. (Actually, we do, and you've always been able to email us, and none of you ever have. You obviously have nothing to say to us.)
- Blogs are almost always about factlets -- quotes, snippets, links to ongoing stories. They're getting a reputation for 'citizen journalism' which I personally think is entirely undeserved, but they're getting it. We're not interested in facts. (That sounded bad, eh?) We're interested in reasoning. So long as your reasoning is good, facts don't matter much. Besides, facts get in the way -- they tend to change, particularly in this age of relative truth. Reasoning doesn't. Plus, it lets us bullshit without having any facts, which saves us a lot of trouble.
- Blogs are almost always about 'me' and 'my life' -- not so much about 'what I ate for breakfast' but a lot of 'what I did at work today', 'what I saw at the store today', 'that thing I want to buy', 'that place I went' ... it's entirely reactionary, but seemingly only to small events.
- Blogs are organized on a timeline, reacting to the changing world. We try to organize our content topically, looking for distant similarities between ideas. (At least fairly recently, my code was so kind as to tell us that 'love', 'hate', and 'sex' were strongly linked -- how insightful!)

See? This is not the blog you're looking for. You don't need to see its identification. It's free to go. Move along.

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