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This is a thought of mine that I had just now that I'd like to post. It's a simple thought with vast repercussions. In the general case, the idea can be stated like this: the minority party in our system has a constant conflict of interest. They desire to see The People prosper..but they desire to see The People's leader fail.

Our government, for the most part, is comprised of two parties. Both parties claim to serve The People. Both parties probably do to an extent but they certainly serve themselves.

So given this fact, examine our situation. Economists agree that tax cuts always help the economy. When, how long and for whom (whether they are given to the "right people") is another matter. Lets put politics aside for a second.

The right wing would like to see the tax cuts passed and costs lowered. They want a slim, trim, lean mean government (classically). We would expect them to favor the tax cuts as they have historically, if they can overcome their severe dislike for our rampant spending (we are fighting two wars and increasing "entitlements"..what do you expect?).

But what about the left? This is an election year. The biggest issue this year is the economy. You see, the left has a very large conflict of interest. They should be ready to pass some kind of tax cuts to serve The People. But that could spell doom to an already difficult election year. If Bush can say "I captured Saddam, and fixed the economy" he'll have a strong bid for re-election. He gets free publicity from an important "bully pulpit." He will have few weak points, a bucket load of money, a slightly divided left wing which has spent resources trying to optimize their odds.....and he'll be facing either someone who is young or someone who has vacilated greatly on his positions and who comes from the "far left." Since the left wing has said repeatedly they will do "whatever it takes" to remove Bush...what exactly will this entail?

Look for the left wing to do what it takes to kill these tax cuts. I expect, but am not willing to predict another fillibuster (in the name of economics justice of course). Since the Right is already divided over spending, it is entirely possible that the tax cuts will fail and the taxes will be raised again. If you were a business and this prospect was on the horizon, would you be looking to hire?

It's time for the Left to decide who they serve. Lets try to cut our losses and move on. This will be one of the most critical points historically for America. We cannot falter now.

As a sidenote, I would hope that, at least, we can pass tax cuts just for the people who "deserve them"...anything to keep this recovery going. The right wing better be ready to make concessions considering that a good economy will win them the election.


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