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Description :: What exactly do you want?
What form of marriage are you wishing to support (and/or require):
- marriage by a religious official
- marriage by a religious official of a particular church/denomination
- marriage as defined by your government
- a combination of the above

Who do you consider marriage important for:
- members of your religious group
- members of your nation, religious or not (or in a different way)
- everyone

If you have views of predestination that include the possibility that some people are destined not to ever 'believe', do you feel that even the '(pre-)lost souls' should follow these rules? (Ignoring the barrier of knowledge: you likely don't, and can't, know who these people are.)

How do you see your views affecting people outside of yourself:
- these are directives from god, that should be respected by everyone
- these are directives from god, that should be respected by his followers
- these are societal rules that we should enforce on each other
- these are personal rules that simply make sense, and should to everyone

I've likely missed the particular combination of options you'd prefer to see, but that's also partly the point. Post an article in response!

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