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Description :: The story of how we met (invented) Mrr. Dabaar
The following conversation snippets are from late March/early April 2005. They were overdue for publication. Enjoy.

Note: names have been altered to match pseudoTheos usernames instead, where those involved have pT usernames.

Just so everybody's "in" on the inside joke, here's the event from ground zero, as it were:

This all started with some nonsense I won't go into, in which Unordained guessed something correctly without meaning to, because (I think) he subconsciously remembered what I was referencing:

insignis: ooh! pwnd by j00r 5|_|8<0|\|5<10|_|5!
Zarthrag: eh?
[The following comment is a very important one]
Zarthrag: I bet, I could make people waste time trying to decode random symbols that way....
insignis: heheh
insignis: j00 |2 |\|07 1337 4 j00 |>0|\|7 |_||\||)3|2574|\||] |72|^|/\|>48@/\|^
insignis: :-)
insignis: wow, Unordained was actually being all creative
insignis: trying to decipher that last word
Zarthrag: lol
Zarthrag: that last word is a doozy
Zarthrag: the rest was easy
insignis: dude
insignis: he's still trying to pick through it
Zarthrag: is it even a word???
insignis: well, look at the context
insignis: what did you say right before I said that
insignis: and you tell me ;-)
Zarthrag: I was just making sure

[let's cut back to Unordained for a moment]

Unordained: i actually can't decrypt that last comment (j00r...)
Zarthrag: I bet, I could make people waste time trying to decode random symbols that way....
insignis: heheh
insignis: j00 |2 |\|07 1337 4 j00 |>0|\|7 |_||\||)3|2574|\||] |72|^|/\|>48@/\|^
insignis: owned by your subconscious
Unordained: you are not leet for you can't (how is that a c?) understand ....
Unordained: oh. don't.
insignis: heheh
Unordained: heh. i'm funny.
Unordained: but the 'c' was what really threw me off in the previous thing too.
Unordained: sub... sub... what is that?
Unordained: *sigh*
Unordained: more time wasted with you.
Unordained: |72|^|/\|>48@/\|^       uh ... ... MCABON ... no. uh ...
Unordained: wait ...
Unordained: MNDA ...
Unordained: hmmm.
Unordained: nope. i got nothin'.
Unordained: what the hell is that?
insignis: I'll give you a hint
[I paste the thing where Zarthrag says he could make people waste time trying to decode random symbols, again]
insignis: context.
Unordained: (btw, i just skipped the first few letters)
Unordained: /\| is an M ?
Unordained: how?
Unordained: hmmm.
insignis: dude
Unordained: it's so close to 'random'
Unordained: if i want it to enough, it almost is ...
Unordained: |72|^|NDABON^
Unordained: or ... something.
Unordained: you waste my time so.
insignis: Unordained.
insignis: context.
insignis: read what Zarthrag said, right before that.
Unordained: i did.
Unordained: it's one of those "is it the joke, or the joke about the joke" things.
insignis: heheheh
Unordained: i don't have good enough elite reading skills to know for sure it's gibberish, nor good enough to confirm it's not.
insignis: well let's see... I did it completely randomly, but it could be ... hmm... |72|^|/\|>48@/\|^ you could see the |72 as being a crazy looking M, or an ITZ, or an IR
insignis: |^ could be a lowercase r... and then |/\| would be a W... but that leaves > out in the cold... |/\ could be a crazy way of doing the |^ thing again, so another R, which would leave |> being a D
Unordained: |^| looks like a good M candidate to me ...
insignis: 48@ is easy, aba
insignis: I thought about that but it's upside down
Unordained: kinda backwards, but ... blah.
insignis: /\ could e an A... if you do /\| as an N (which you could) that would again leave a character with no meaning... |^ is an established R, so...
insignis: ish
insignis: just call me Mrr. Dabaar
Unordained: ish, indeed.
Unordained: misters dabaar?
Unordained: (or is that only in french? M is mister, MM or Mm is misters)
Unordained: or somesuch.

[back to Zarthrag]

insignis: I helped him out
[I paste the bit from Unordained where I "decipher" the leet, up through ITZRRDABAAR / Misterr Dabaar]
Zarthrag: that's totally a screenname
insignis: which? :-D
Zarthrag: Misterr Dabaar
insignis: even that seems off-the-wall random
insignis: like it almost means something
insignis: and you just can't figure out what
insignis: some type of error code? Maybe it's another language... saab has two A's in a row...
Unordained: i can't have pointers to classes. but. i can have pointers to functions (say, static) that construct objects ... which is just as useful from a "go do a new [thingie] for me" point of view. the query stuff bugs me because the optimizer (mine) needs to transform a tree (directly related to the visual tree of query controls) to a smaller graph (if there are repeated branches) ... although ... rather than go to the trouble, i could just register all known results as they're calculated (and not bother building the graph, just brute-force the evaluation of the tree) ... and use known results at each node. "has an equivalent query been evaluated yet [one that is parameter-identical] and if so, what was its value, and if not, do your thing" ... and keep the tree, exactly as it was visually ... it's only slightly messier, but it avoids having two layers of objects (visual vs. not) and all the mess that goes with that. which means it's also less messy. which is good.
insignis: hey, cool. You did it too. You made a thing that seems like it should make sense, and almost does, but yet it clearly doesn't. Mine was shorter though.
insignis: man, I'm mean :-D
Zarthrag: LOL

[more talking to Zarthrag, but note my new screen name]

Misterr Dabaar: w00t!
Zarthrag: lol
Misterr Dabaar: check out my profile
Misterr Dabaar: (see my interests too?)
Zarthrag: sigh
Misterr Dabaar: one "ugh" and one "sigh"
Misterr Dabaar: doing well so far

[yeah, Unordained was the "ugh"]

My profile for that screen name did (and still does) say the original leet that started it all.

And then I get this IM from BrainGumbo, who has just registered a new screen name of his own:
Mistress Dabaar: oh, jeez. This is uncomfortable..

Which brings the story of Misterr Dabaar (Mrr. Dabaar) to a close.
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