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Description :: By golly someone ought to invade
Oh, I just loved the news today. Some "materials" from "Iraq nuclear plants" have vanished. Stuff that could help make nuclear bombs. Stuff that is dangerous! Someone really ought to solve that Iraq nuclear problem. Why, if only we had our military in there, then we'd know the truth about the whole Iraq WMD thing.

Pardon my sarcasm. But we do, and we do and most people remain ignorant. The stuff we found in Iraq wasn't a smoking gun. All we found was plans to make a gun, and materials to make said gun.

I'm so amused. This stuff disappears, *possibly* into the hands of terrorists and the news is worried. But this stuff was in the hands of a sworn enemy of the US who had billions of dollars at his command and the left doesn't see a threat. What the crap is going on in this country?

Can you hear the political engines on both sides just squealing in agony? The military obviously made a huge mistake here, and the Bush administration has been impotent when it comes to making their case. Impotent. But Kerry can't really jump on the mistake without severely damaging the whole "wrong war wrong time" thing. Eesh, not that his side would see it as inconsistency. It'd be best for both sides to keep this quiet. As long as people don't recognize the threat that Iraq used to be...then things will continue down the path they are now. Great.

Mr. Bush, would you *please* make the case? And avoid saying "Nuclear related programs" because that sounds like you found toasters in Iraq. Or hire me to make the case..I need a job. Sheesh.

Screw politics. I'm going to go play with our kitten Neko.

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