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Unordained: I'm not actually thrilled about posting in this thread: 1) It breaks the flow of an existing conversation, private counterpoints to public points aren't particularly fair.
2) Torrentor's status messages seem to be private (friends only?) so employers wouldn't see this stuff anyway.
3) The law forbids potential employers from discriminating on political and religious grounds. Even if they could find the thread, in an ideal world, it wouldn't matter. If it could have mattered, wouldn't you prefer not to work there anyway? If you ever let something slip at work, those same people would be apt to fire, demote, or off-lay you. 4a) I'm tired of the "let's agree to disagree" approach on emotional topics. People can't be arsed to have frank discussions about this stuff, they feel it should be private or not discussed at all, but once they're in the voting booth, they have no problem going ahead and voting their half-baked concepts. I realize people want to go into an argument knowing there will be an absolutely-recognized winner, and on emotional issues, I think they understand that won't happen -- so they'd rather avoid the humiliation of not winning in a fight where winning isn't really possible anyway.
4b) I feel that FB discourages negative feedback (only a "like" button; the ease with which you can quietly boot people off if they piss you off) that should be part of a healthy public shaming -- the normalization process by which society (your peers!) tells you that you're really wacko, and why. Instead people coalesce into groupthink cliques, and what little disagreement could have existed is shoved under the carpet for the sake of unity. So the one time we're having a useful discussion, to essentially say "ignore us, we'll take this private" is encouraging that same behavior: when you start getting into a real disagreement, either stop it or hide it, and not only will nobody know the extent of your disagreement, they also won't know your final positions and reasoning and how they relate to your actions (so they can then shame you for being a hypocrite, a bigot, a closet hater, or what-have-you.) Of course you keep your actions (voting) private anyway, so ... maybe that's a moot point.

Ensis:I think this format is better. We can spin off individual threads for subpoints instead of getting lost in an exploding topic.

Also, I'm the only one here that has to be nervous since my point of view isn't politically correct. I love in a very politically correct area. If you think that the fact that denying me a job would be illegal means it will never happen, you've got another thing coming. :)

Phaedra: Ummmm, we live in Oklahoma. If you think our viewpoint is the norm here, you are sorely mistaken.

While they can't do anything to me because of my political or religious views, I guarantee you that all of my co-workers and boss have radically different opinions that I do and they are friends of mine on Facebook. But I prefer to have the discussion in the open too so that other people can be involved. Frankly I already know everyone's opinion here and there's not much point in having the same conversation again.

Ensis: ‎...Phaedra, Your point is well taken of course. My point is simply that having a discussion like this in private is smart. People are bad. People that think they are good can be the worst. :(